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Your Guide to Discover Marrakech

Marrakech tour guide

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Founded in 2010, Marrakech tour guide is today an agency with a strong reputation in the creation of themed trips. It is a team of tourism professionals who put all their enthusiasm to offer you quality itineraries, circuits rich in history, meetings, discoveries, meaning and spirituality.

Marrakech tour guides has set up for several years a network of speakers and correspondents in each of the countries that are proposed to you, chosen for their dynamism, their passion and their rigor.
These are true relationships of trust and partnership that exist today with each of them, guaranteeing successful and secure journeys. It is also a network of men and women, rich in experience and knowledge that provide for you all the accompaniment of all these trips. Guides or companions, they are passionate. They are academics, journalists, teachers, musicians, biblicals etc.

You know us a little better now ... You just have to try the adventure … So, keep the sense, travel differently!

highlights of Marrakech !

  • Exceptional weather conditions all year long
  • An ideal location
  • A destination within the reach of all budgets
  • A culture of exceptional richness
  • A city conducive to well-being
  • Discovering new flavors

Place to visit in Marrakech

The palace of Bahia:

Palace Bahia Marrakech Tour Guide

The palace of Bahia (palace of the beautiful, the brilliant) is a nineteenth century palace of eight hectares located in Marrakech. It is one of the masterpieces of Moroccan architecture, one of the major monuments of the country’s cultural heritage and one of the main places of tourism in Morocco.

El Badi palace:

Palace badii Marrakech Tour Guide

The El Badi palace (sometimes spelled El Badiî palace or El Badia, literally “Palace of the incomparable”) is an architectural ensemble built at the end of the sixteenth century and located in Marrakech in Morocco. Former palace, it was built by the Saadian sultan Ahmed al-Mansur Dhahbi to celebrate the victory over the Portuguese army, in 1578, in the battle of the Three Kings.

The Almoravid Koubba:

ALmoravid koubba Marrakech Tour Guide

The Almoravid Koubba is situated next to the Marrakech Museum, and around 40 meters south of the mosque of Ben Youssef. It is the only surviving example of Almoravid architecture in Marrakesh.

Souks and Medinas of Marrakech:

Souk market Marrakech Tour Guide

If you are willing to meet local people selling everything from fresh vegetables and spices, leather and jewelry, than do not hesitate to visit the many souks and medina of Marrakech . and at the same time don't forget to have fun seeing the acrobats, snake charmers and musicians of the Djemaa El Fna square and visit the Medersa Ben Youssef, a former Islamic college.

Marrakech is a city full of many souks and markets, hiding in the narrow streets and squares of the Medina. During the morning visit, you will visit the most famous souks of Marrakech that are part of the daily unrest. Whether you are looking for a bargain or simply for the pleasure of the eyes, do not miss such a wonderful visit.

The souks of Marrakech are positioned among the largest and most wonderful in Morocco, there are everything: jewelry, spices, crafts, cooking, pottery,slippers, clothing and much more.

To get to the souks of Marrakech is simple, just go to the famous place Djema El Fna and venture into the medina. The history of the souks is old. These places were favored by the caravaneers who traded their goods before facing the Moroccan desert. Even though the souks lost their artisanal wealth by the arrival of many products from China, some craftsmen (carpenters, ferroniers etc.) continue to use their traditional knowledge.

In Marrakech, the activity of the souks mobilizes more than 40 000 craftsmen, specialists in many fields, simple and sometimes unthinkable! In all, 18 souks are listed from the souk babouches, souk spices, the souk of carpets, a maze whose goal is to get lost to move only to the rhythm of scents, colors and noises!

A confrontation with the Berber civilization that gives life to these places and attract you among them.
Quickly you will lose your head among the different products. The solution to the favorite? The negotiation, a real game settles then between the Moroccans and the tourists!

As you go, you will go from one souk to another, each one of them is destined for a type of merchandise. In Djemaa El Fna, snake charmers , acrobats and Gnawa musicians engage the crowd by creating a lively atmosphere.

Visit Medersa Ben Youssef, a former Islamic college named after Sultan Ali Youssef, which has influenced the expansion of the city. It is one of the largest colleges of theology in North Africa with its home can hold 900 students. The building has been renovated and reopened to the public as a historic site.

The unifying force of these improvised markets is therefore authentic!

Three Valley Trip

Valley trip Marrakech Tour Guide

A day trip to the mountainous region of Imlil's 3 Valleys includes a short to medium hike in this beautiful area of Toubkal National Park, a camel ride to the Moulay Ibrahim River, a visit to a village Berber and a traditional Berber lunch with mint tea.
If this tour is conducted on a Tuesday or Saturday, you will be able to see a traditional Berber market. Not only will you be rewarded with breathtaking views of the summit of Mount Toubkal and the surrounding mountains as you travel near the waterfalls, hamlets of Ait Mizan, Targe and Imoula, but you will also discover the daily life of the Berber peoples of Imlil and Ait Souka.

Your guide will show you points of interest and tell you about Berber culture and heritage along the way.

Program :
In the morning, you will leave Marrakech at 9:00 and en route, you will have the opportunity to stop at Tahnouat where you can stop in an argan oil cooperative to learn how the women of the cooperative transform the walnut, argan in many different products based on argan oil for which Morocco is famous.

You will then continue through Asni where on Saturdays you can visit a traditional Berber souk and a market. If the excursion is made on a Tuesday, you can visit the souk in Tahnouat.

Along the way you will have many opportunities to take pictures of traditional villages and wonderful landscapes.

In Imlil you will receive tea or coffee, then meet your guide for a 2 or 3 hour hike with a mountain guide and visit Berber villages, waterfalls and enjoy magnificent views of the highest mountains in the world. 'North Africa.

All along the way your guide will show you points of interest and talk about Berber culture and heritage.

After enjoying a traditional Berber lunch (included in the price), you will enjoy a short walk to another Berber village, with the possibility of taking mint / coffee tea and biscuits with a Berber family in a local house. Leave Imlil at the end of the afternoon and on the way you will have the opportunity to ride on a camel at the Moulay Ibrahim River, to arrive in Marrakech around 18:00.

High Atlas Trip

High Atlas Marrakech Tour Guide

This tour offers a unique day-long experience to discover Berber culture, discover the majestic High Atlas Mountains, and you will have the opportunity to learn more about the Berber people and their way of life.

You will cross the village of Tahnaout, to Asni to discover an authentic old market, then continue your route through the three valleys. In the Ourika Valley, you will hike, lunch and enjoy the river, then return to Marrakech, with the possibility of a short camel ride.

Today, you will have the opportunity to travel discovering and enjoying this beautiful hidden culture, passing through the highest of the three valleys, including the valley of Tahnaout, the Mulay Brahim Gorge and the Berber town of Asni .

During your trip, you will discover breathtaking scenery and fascinating views of the High Atlas Mountains during our stop at a few Berber "Amazigh" families to discover their way of life, and meet local children. Lunch will be held in the Ourika Valley. This valley is green and looks like a paradise just outside Marrakech, filled with trees and flowers, flowering shrubs and magnificent waterfalls.

After lunch, you will have the opportunity to do 2 hours of hiking. You will walk in the Berber village of Setti Fatma, and in the fields where you can see monkeys in the nature, and discover breathtaking views of the waterfall.

Then you will return to Marrakech, where the tour will end either at your accommodation or on Jemaa el Fna square.

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