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Welcome to Morocco ,Welcome to the Souq of Marrakech . Marrakech has been a trading center for centuries and many traders from Africa and Europe passed through the market everyday. The souq is so big that it has everything and anything .

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The word souq means market and no one understands it better than the locals but we will make it so easy for you to navigate it with no problems whatsoever . The beating heart of the souq starts from the Sammarine irea and the more you walk into it the more it branches off .Don t worry , we are here for you and we will help you to feast your eyes about the beauty of the items which are displayed for sale.

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-Don t miss anything ..............lamps,glassware,amazing rugs ,jewellery, shoes .........................kaftans .Immerse yourself into the hustle and bustle of the souq and look at the artisans * carpenters,blacksmith ,weavers *working inside their workshops .

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-The red city is a shoppers haven for all the people who come to visit it and , thus , wandering the souq with a licensed guide is the best .We will make the most of your time inside the souq. If you are in a riad , we will come to pick you from your place .otherwise , we fix a meeting place to meet you . if you are coming to Marrakech by train , we will come to the train station and then we start the tour .

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-we will never let you down and we will assist you til you find what you need with the best deals . This is simply what Marrakech tour guide company is made for . What are you waiting .......................just contact us and we will make it happen for you